3 Wars to Unite Germany

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3 Wars to unify Germany Causes and results (territories taken) of the FF: a) Danish war of 1864 or Austria-Prussia vs. Denmark à Bismark brought about a war with Denmark over the provinces of Schlesweig and Holstein. Prussia, joined by Austria, easily defeated Denmark and compelled it to cede Schlesweig-Holstein. Prussia and Austria became the joint owners of the two provinces. b) 7 Weeks war of 1866 à Bismarck deliberately quarreled with Austria regarding the administration of the conquered provinces and …

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…power in Europe and helped to create fears, tensions and rivalries. The Franco-German War of 1870-71 established Prussia as the leading state in the imperial German Reich. William I of Prussia became German emperor on Jan. 18 1871; the Prussian army absorbed the other German armed forces, except the Bavarian army, which remained autonomous in peacetime. Bismarck combined the offices of imperial chancellor and Prussian minister-president, and Prussia's history merged largely into that of the German empire.