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The book I choose to read was Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. This story took place in 1942 in a B-25 over the Japaneese city of Tokyo. The mood this book brought was suspensful and couragous. There were many characters in the book but the main character was captian Ted W. Lawson. He was the captian of the B-25 that flew over Toyko. Ted Lawson started to fly when he was young and loved it. When he …

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…different place than the United States, he wasnt sure if he could trust the Chineese because some of Chineese were on the Japansese side and trying to find any of the Americans that were left from the plane crashes. Some of Captian Lawson’s traits was, he was very open-minded and easy going before he was in the accident. When he got back from China he was very very thankful for being alive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**