1992 Presidential Election

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1992 Presidential Election As the voting began in the New Hampshire primary, there were only five serious contenders for the Democratic nomination. The list included Paul Tsongas (Mass.), Bill Clinton (Ark.), Tom Harkin, Jerry Brown (California), and Bob Kerrey (Neb.). Clinton’s strategy was to present himself as a candidate of substance by offering specific proposals that addressed most of the major problems facing the U.S. He positioned himself as a visionary leader by proposing …

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…vote had Clinton at 44,908,254 and Bush at 39,102,343. Clinton won because he was a strong willed candidate, who sensed early that economics would dominate the race. His campaign was more focused and organized than the Bush camp. Clinton pushed to do more: more speeches, more interviews, more TV talk shows, and contact with the crowds. Bush out of touch with the voters and slow to focus on domestic issues: came up with too little too late.