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Part 3 Readers Log By: Tyler Seib The last part of the book is the most fascinating. Winston finds out that O’Brien is working for the party but Winston knew that the whole time. O’Brien begins his punishment and correction on Winston. Winston cannot stop the torture or psychological control O'Brien gains from torturing him, and when the guard smashes his elbow, he thinks that nothing in the world is worse than physical pain. …

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…sense of physical danger override human reasoning. Winston, facing a swarm of rats prepared to devour his face, cannot act rationally. He is a prisoner of his nervous system, and betraying Julia is his instinctive salvation. Rather than the rats devouring his face Winston says do set them on Julia. Winston became a prisoner of his body. Once he believes his body limits him, he has no reason to think, act, or rebel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**