1984, George Orwell

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1984, George Orwell Winston is the unfortunate victim of a totalitarian society gone haywire. In Oceania 1984, the Party has complete control over every aspect of its citizens’ lives. Telescreens that monitor their movements are found in every house and apartment. If a member of the Thought Police catches you so much as gritting your teeth during one of Big Brother’s speeches, it’s off to the Missionary of Love to be interrogated about your partaking …

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…Police aren’t on to them. That is, until one day when the Thought Police bust into their apartment and drag them off to the Missionary of Love. Winston and Julia are separated, and Winston learns that his interrogator and the person behind his getting caught is none other than O’Brien. Through a series of torture and brainwashing, O’Brien “converts” Winston to the ways of the Party and the love of Big Brother.