1984-Mislead to Lead

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Read the quote below and write an essay adressing the issue(s) or points made within the quote. Cite information from 1984 to either prove or disprove your claim concerning the quote you selected. "The essential first step is for the government the realize that it cannot lead the public while misleading it." Anthony Lake former U.S. State Department official The book 1984 easily disproves the quote said by Anthony Lake. It is the concept that …

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…Goldstein had been at work!" (Orwell, pg. 149) By gaining the entire trust of the pelople of Oceana and by being able to rewrite history, the Party was able to tell the people whatever it wanted, and people would accept it. These factors were so strong and so unimaginable to achieve that it was not expected by even the people to whom it had happened, and therefore the Party's methods were never questioned and always accepted.