1952 Election

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In 1952, General Dwight D. Eisenhower had been courted by both major parties. In 1952 he had accepted the Republican nomination. His bright smile and good manner had assured Americans who lost their confidence in Harry Truman, which he then created his campaign slogan, “I like Ike.” Eisenhower’s running mate was Adlai Stevenson. The race for presidency was uneven from the start. Stevenson was hardly even knew out of the state of Illinois. Eisenhower on the …

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…waged a war on the democrats, they had claimed that the democratic party was too soft on Communism, and they weren’t even half as rough as the Republican party was, which created much uncertainty for the American people of the Democratic party. As election time came up, Eisenhower won by over 5 million votes, 34 million to 27 votes. Later on in 1956, Eisenhower beat Stevenson again with even a larger margin then his last loss to him.