1919 World Series, Chicago Blacksox Scandal.

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Darrell White Dr. Eubanks Writing II February 18, 2003 White Sox are not clean It all started in 1919 the Chicago White Sox had the best record in baseball. The White Sox players were the cream of the crop. The team was on the verge of winning the World Series. This fairytale didn't end with the White Sox winning the World Series, it ended in embarrassment and disaster for the players and the organization. The 1919 Chicago White Sox …

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…keep your socks clean, and don't display your dirty laundry in public. "INSIDE STORY OF PLOT TO BUY WORLD SERIES" 01 January 1999. 06 February 2003. <http://www.chicagohs.org/history/blacksox.html Lowitt, Bruce. Black Sox scandal: Chicago throws 1919 World Series. 22 December, 1999. 06 February 2003. <http://www.sptimes.com/News/122299/Sports/Black_Sox_scandal_Ch.shtml Douglas, Linger. The Black Sox Trial: An Account. 01 January 2001. 06 February 2003. <http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/blacksox/blacksox.html