1905 russian revolution

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How significant was the 1905 revolution in bringing about change by 1912? After the 1905 revolution Tsar Nicholas Romanov II was forced to concede a Duma (parliament) The Tsar did not like this idea much but was forced by the public to have one. The Tsar believed he was appointed by god to rule Russia. He disliked having to share power with different classes to himself. So he kept the right to dissolve the Duma and he did …

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…after he argued with the new court favourite Gregory Rasputin. Later Stolypin was assonated. Later signs of the Tsarís political weakness became known and More and more revolutionary parties came forward. Even Nicholasís most trusted friends turned against him. People like Lenin from the Bolshevik party and Trotsky from the Menshevik party foretold of a greater Russia. A socialist Russia that would rise in power and wealth with the abdication of the Tsar.