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History of 1890ís Irish Renaissance The Irish Renaissance is a period of flowering of Irish Literature and drama that takes place at the end of the 1800ís and beginning of the 1900ís. It includes such authors as George William Russell (also known as AE), who writes about Irish independence. Lady Isabella Augusta Gregory arises nationalism through an appreciation for Irish literature and speech. Arthur Griffith, an Irish nationalist leader, founds the weekly newspaper United Irishman, …

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…automotive developments are being made, as the possibility of an automotive nation becomes more plausible. The study of biblical archeology begins with the opening of Ecole Biblique in 1890 (below). Catastrophes The decade of 1890 is a good year for catastrophes, in the sense that there are not very many. Aside from some small train accidents, there are only two other well known accidents in the 1890ís: the hurricane in Galveston, Texas, and the flood in Jamestown.