1848 Revolutions in Europe

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During the period January 1848 to August 1849 there were many revolutions across the face of Europe. They occurred in France, ‘Italy’, Piedmont, The Austrian Empire, Germany, Poland, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland. These events which occurred across Europe had many similarities both in their origins, nature and consequences but just as many differences. Many of these similarities lie in the fact that the leaders surrendered power easily and the type of government that was set-up. Consequently historians …

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…an external enemy however no real common cause. Whereas, in France they fought internally against a common enemy. On balance, perhaps if the leaders were not so arrogant and better prepared there may well have been the possibility of the revolutions succeeding and the maps of Europe being re-drawn. 1514. BIBLOGRAPHY Revolutions of 1848, a social history. Priscilla Robertson. Years of Nationalism. European History, 1815-1890. Leonard W Cowie & Robert Wolfson. Microsoft Encarta ‘96 Encyclopaedia. Mindscape Student Reference Library.