12th Night Explication

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12th Night Explication I left no ring with her. What means this lady? Fortune forbid my outside have not charmed her! She made good view of me, indeed so much That sure methought her eyes had lost her tongue, For she did speak in starts distractedly. She loves me, sure! The cunning Twelfth Night Explication of her passion Invites me in this churlish messenger. None of my lord's ring? Why, he sent her none. I …

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…uses the sequence of events to coincide in a rather fortuitous instance, allowing all parties involved to find the path to true love. Viola's speech inspires a turning point for both her character and for the audience as she identifies with and faces the issues that have been introduced. Her speech reveals both her weaknesses and her strengths, while at the same time revealing the strengths and weaknesses of both the male and female genders.