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A persons surroundings can influence him. In "12 Angry Men" by Reginald Rose a young mans life is held by twelve men with contrasting views. After hearing, the case the jurors go into deliberations. Eleven of the 12 are convinced that the boy murdered his father. However, Juror # 8 a caring man, who wishes to talk about why the other jurors think that the boy is guilty, clashes with Juror # 3, a sadistic man who would pull the switch …

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…votes to not guilty, because of # 8. He is left behind. His hatred of the boy revealed because of his similar experiences with his own son. This story shows how close the boy came to death, and if the jurors did not review the evidence, he would have just been killed. It rather teaches the lesson of not jumping to conclusions and reviewing facts thoroughly before acting on vague ones. It really taught me that lesson