10 Dimensions for Dracula by Bram Stoker The aesthetic and psychological views on Dracula

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Literary/Aesthetic The style of using a series of letters, journals, and diaries to tell the story was perfect for this novel because this technique is highly effective in keeping the suspense. The reason is, because of the various sources that made the plot, it made the story more believable. It also helps in sustaining suspense, because the story is not told in a straightforward in chronological way. Instead it jumps from date to date …

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…a few times, but his presence is felt throughout the whole book. Dracula himself seems to be more of an evil presence rather than a supernatural being. The reader can come to this conclusion because of the fact that horrible things begin to happen as Count Dracula came closer, such as the death of many family members. Count Dracula also has a lot of vitality as you see him escape from situations that are difficult.