10. Is knowledge in mathematics and other Areas of Knowledge dependent on culture to the same degree and in the same ways?

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At first sight, the answer to this question may seem obvious: a casual reader might glance at it and give it a confident "no". Even though this is the position that I take, I do believe that there are many more things to consider when attempting to answer this question. It requires an answer much more complex than the knee-jerk reaction one can have upon the first reading, given the many concepts it refers to. &…

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…Tab/>In this way, we can conclude that the Areas of Knowledge vary widely both in the extent of their dependence on culture and the way in which they depend on culture. Some, such as the Arts, are heavily culture-based; while knowledge in Mathematics is quite independent of culture. The similarities and differences between the Areas of Knowledge and their degree of dependence on culture are an intriguing topic, to say the least.