5 Study Tips For Students

If you go to college then you will know all about the headache that exam time can cause. If you are in summer school then you will have to cram even more in during a shorter time. You probably have your own study habits that work for you but that being said, there some universal rules that apply to everyone. Here are a few study tips for students. 

Sleep it off 

Being in college means a lot of late nights and a few early mornings as well and while you may be okay running off Red Bull for a while, it is a horrible way to help you study. You retain far less knowledge if you study while tired. You might think you don’t have time to sleep but the irony of the situation is that if you are exhausted you would learn so little that you would be better off sleeping anyway. So do your best to stay well rested.

Take a Break

If you are studying for an extended period of time then you need to take rest every hour or so. Your brain needs to refresh and recharge for a few minutes before you start again. To make it even more effective do some quick exercises to get the blood flowing in your head. The extra oxygen will wake you up and keep you going.

Work it Out

Speaking of doing quick exercises you should all do some longer ones as well. Working out regularly will also help keep your mind fresh. It stimulates endorphins and keeps you energized for longer periods of time. It will also help work out any exam stress you might have and on top of that it will help you sleep better thus being well rested for more studying. 

Use a Memory Device

A memory device is a great trick most people don’t take advantage of. Find something like gum or peppermints to chew on while you study. Your brain associates this action with the information you are learning. When it is time for your exam pop another piece of gum or candy in your mouth and it will trigger your brains association of that activity with what you studied.

Find Some Peace and Quiet Place

Last but not least find your happy place. Seriously though, find a place that is free from distractions where you can focus. Avoid the cool and hip coffee shops or trendy places. Go to the library or someplace at home. The most important thing you can do now is focus. Do all of this and good grades will follow.

Jeff Jordan lives and writes in Southern California. He writes about education, automobiles and real estate. These study tactics will be useful at a school like Trident University

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