How to Celebrate Independence Day: Advice for Students

How we loved all sorts of holidays when we were kids! However, as we grow older, everything changes. Yet, when it comes to an Independence Day, everyone understands the importance. While some prefer to go out and drink, others stay at home with family and friends. If you want to feel great, here are some tips to enjoy the holidays, no matter the circumstances.

Forget that this is just once a year. This is not a big deal, and you if you are feeling frustrated, you can try hiding this a little so that everything goes well. And, whatever happens ... remember, that all you want is to have fun!

Celebrate no matter your routine

If you happen to be working, consider a preliminary office party! Odds are, you don’t really think that these two words are actually compatible, do you? Without being really opposites, many believe they don’t go well. However, don’t limit yourself. If you are done with school, at least for the day, and  you need to work for a few hours, get ready for the night! You can always go to see the fireworks. Remember that this day is to be taken seriously. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you cannot have a little fun. Even if you want to have fun with your mates, do not forget that you need to be responsible! It goes beyond appearances.

Arts and cultural activities

How about booking online tickets for a musical, for a concert, a play, or even for a show that you know you will enjoy? This is always great, especially since Independence Day is linked to important history of your country.

Many options

Do you have a low budget right now and cannot buy gifts? Do not worry! You are not really supposed to buy gifts this day. You should just give a portion of your talent and your willingness. How about computer lessons to your father who needs to move onto the next technological level? It is all about freedom of choice! Becoming independent and being loyal.

Believe it or not, when holidays come along, some individuals fear the same exact question: "And what am I supposed to do on Independence Day Eve?" It is as if they had the obligation to have a great plan for that specific night, just as for Christmas, and if they don’t, they have the unpleasant feeling of being out of play. This is totally wrong so… Stop! There is no real reason to undergo this stress! Enjoy your day and go with the flow.

The perfect getaway

This may be the perfect day for a getaway. How about disappearing and exploring what is out there? Go out so you can discover a city you do not know but try choosing a spot that is not far away - you don’t want to get lost. Book a fancy hotel and participate in an organized Independence Day event with someone new!

Stay home

You can stay quietly at home and prepare a marathon of your favorite series. How about ordering some food in a good company?

As you can see there are many options, it is always up to your tastes and preferences so just go for it. Plan a different and marvelous Independence Day! Those who once battled for the country would be proud. 

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Lack Of College Counseling Continues To Hurt High School Students

As of late, many students have seen their chances of admission into the top universities decrease heavily. It hasn’t been because of lower grades or lower SAT/ACT scores, but rather because the guidance has just not been there.

With budget cuts continuously increasing across the nation, more public schools are facing college-counseling struggles than ever before. Many schools have 1 counselor for 700 students, which has hit record highs for the gap between the two sides.

Don’t Worry, There Is A Solution

Thankfully, many companies have decided to leverage technology to help students through this difficult time. is an online platform that takes the role of a counselor to help students with college admissions for FREE.

The initiative taken by startups such as these have been crucial to help students make it into college. College admissions are only getting more and more competitive each year while the amount of resources and help available are shrinking.

StatFuse makes the transition from real life counselor to online counselor almost seamless with their platform. Students can calculate their chances of admission, discover colleges, find the right college for them, and even improve their chances of getting accepted for FREE through this website. 

The Schools Can Only Do So Much 

While many parents have been stressed and upset with the local schools, others have come to realize that the schools are not at fault. The schools are doing their best to provide the utmost resources available to parents and students to help them with college, but it’s still lacking in many areas.

As enrollment continues to increase in schools, student to teacher ratios continue to increase in classrooms, and the number of counselors continue to decrease… might be a great time for parents to start finding alternative solutions to the high school. 

High schools play a crucial role in transitioning a student from high school to college, but that may not be the case anymore. High schools may only have the goal of simply educating students and partnering up with outside organizations that can take control of those services. 

The Strategy

Regardless of what the situation at your high school may be, it is always recommended to find outside help with college admissions. Rightfully so, college admissions are very important to parents.

While parents can’t do much besides complaining to the state for more college counselors, they can do other things to help solve the problem temporarily. Many high schools are looking for volunteers to help organize and set up financial aid workshops, college planning workshops, and scholarship seminars. 

With the help of parents and high schools, counselors may not have to be the only way for students to get help. Outside organizations, community centers, local libraries, and others are willing to chip in to help solve the problem until the state government can. 

If you are a parent at a high school and want to help out, see what initiatives your school administration is taking to solve this problem. Being an active part of the solution, using resources like StatFuse, and continuing to be involved with your students lives are all ways to get through this issue. 

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How to Write a Photo Essay

Writing essays can be difficult regardless of what the topic may be. There are however many means by which writing essays can be made more interesting and one of the ways is by the creation of what is known as photo essays.

If you have the opportunity to write such an essay, you must always bear in mind that the photo is the key feature of this writing. All the text that you write and the content of that text must be focused on and revolve around the photo.

The perspective of the photo essay

Let’s start with the basic idea that “a picture paints a thousand words” which is an ancient Chinese proverb. Now look at the picture or photo that will form a part of your essay and explore a few angles. Amongst the considerations include whether you want to write the essay based on:

1. The perspective of the photo

The objective here is to use the picture to provoke a specific thought process or reaction from the viewer. If this is the case, then the text must focus on achieving this goal;

2. The quality or content of the photo.

This is more evaluative and explores the actual photo and its content. You can opt to take a critical or analytical perspective using the photo as the core of your writing;

3. The story behind the photo.

For example to provide a chronology of events that have taken place that form the essence of the photo.

The foundation of what you write

There are occasions when the photo may form a series in which case consideration must be given to the sequence of the photos and the text must support this.

The best way to write a photo essay is to keep in mind that it is a combination of both the picture and the text that will have the greatest impact. These two elements will combine to tell a story that will draw the viewer in.

We all know the impact that a photo can have just by reference to the cover pages of a variety of magazines. In some instances the photo speaks volumes about what the incident is, or who the person is who is featured, or the visuals can send a message that apparently does not require any text. However, if we were to then support this with text, whether it is in a simple caption or one paragraph or use the text as a storyline for the photo, the picture (forgive the pun) is then complete.

The secret to successful photo essay writing is to never lose sight of the visual. If you have the opportunity to write a full text to support a photo, in terms of format, this must not vary from the traditional requirements of an introduction, the main body of your story and of course, the conclusion.

You can either choose to use the photo as the launch pad for your story or alternatively, to use the photo as the central theme of your story.

Have you written photo essays in the past? What was the perspective and did you get a good response to it? Go ahead and share your both positive as well as negative experience, and even tips on how to do this. 

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Benefits of Reading Book Reports Online

Thanks to the many Internet resources, with a simple click of a mouse, students can develop a fantastic essay by taking a look at samples within minutes. The best part is, they can achieve a magnificent paper by doing the minimum effort. They can copy and paste or just print from the Web; this has become a common practice among students of all levels, from elementary through college!

According to many experts, this is making impossible to acquire the skills they need. Several students are already used to reading free book reports online. Believe it or not, many sit at the computer and type into Google a specific word or phrase to immediately get thousands of references. Most of the times, qualified platforms offer a comprehensive exhibition, which deal with gender, structure, characters, even at the end, you can find some links relevant to the topic, including a direct link to monographs. 

Many projects and reports can be downloaded as you wish. If you want to select a specific topic, you can even decide what you need the most, you can choose from a brief summary of approximately three pages to a more extended up to twenty. The operation is simple, with a simple copy and paste, the job is done. When trying to find book reports on a specific theme, this will now depend on your ability. Internet has become a lifeline for many students due to time constraints, laziness or just comfortable using their resources, improperly, to develop their schoolwork or college. 

Information source

You might want to find the top among the many free book reports databases. Many have become bound search sites for these students, far from using the Internet as an inexhaustible source of information to develop their work, use it to copy or plagiarize in full or in part information. Internet, used wisely, is an important resource for students. If, prior to search for literature or information about a topic the student should waste time by going to a library, now with a single click from home, you can access all these resources. The problem is they do not know how to use them properly. Plagiarism problems arise and this is all about lack of education and moral views. 

Although the most skilled tasks can be more complicated, sometimes the simple insight of a teacher is enough to detect copyright infringement - especially when it comes to primary and secondary students. Many are already used to downloading essays and term papers. While some students somehow recycle and rewrite these papers, some others simply copy the whole report. It is very easy to identify the work that has been copied from the Internet, many students do not even bother to move the text to a new document, simply print it on the network and present it like that. In addition, it is also common to find several works that are the same because they are unable to customize or adapt to their language. 

What do you think about plagiarism? Do you get inspired when browsing online? Which are the benefits of free book reports available online?

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Doing Sports vs. Studying in College

For some students, a sport is not just a hobby but it is also part of their future. Many parents share this dream and see their children at the top and winning big money. But the road to becoming a professional athlete is not really easy. Not only because, although, there are many who try very few succeed, but also because it involves much effort and sacrifices. Giving up college or some other aspects may become hard. Below you will find some facts and generalities.

Experiences and Reality

Along with all the undoubted benefits of sport and the experiences acquired by the teen-fellowship that is created in the travel and training, the experiences they gain and the countries they visit, to mention a few examples, the path to becoming a professional athlete is hard and can bring the risk that the pleasure of playing may become a huge obsession. For instance, sometimes, excessive hours of training have implied that students lose key experiences according to their age; they must give up their friends and family time and even their studies. This is where the family plays a very important role. 

Parents are the key

Parents are a key part of the gear needed to help a teenager become a professional athlete. Family is essential to support young adults in their desire to engage in sport, should serve as a reference at a time when the student ceases to be a fan and starts training seriously. Experts claim that if parents are involved appropriately - in all aspects - the result is very positive.   

Playing should be a pleasure 

Studying is always important. Knowledge is the key to success. Yet, online education allows following a different path without the need of limiting yourself. One of the biggest problems arises when parents have high expectations. The pleasure of playing should always remain or else this can become a complete obsession. Believe it or not, some parents want their son / daughter to become a pro. They somehow pressure them way too much. Luckily, some others encourage them to follow their dreams. 

In addition, parents should simply play their role of parents, and not try to meet the coach’s responsibility. For example, a parent does not usually go to see the math teacher to tell him or her how to teach the class, in sports they should not either question the methodology and the decisions of the coach, even if they seem wrong. Moreover, as all experts agree, it is not good that teenagers simply abandon their studies, not even if their future is very promising. It is important that, despite the training hours that are required by some sports, they make time to continue their classes, at least online! Not just because they cannot really tell what can happen soon but odds are, they may not always be able to manage to live on sports.  

This is great in order to avoid isolation due to the competition environment.   

Truth is, sometimes you win but sometimes you may lose. Being determined is always important. Yet, how about thinking long-term to avoid feeling disappointed? Living expectations free may help. Go step by step and follow your dreams. 

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Top 7 SAT Study Tips

Before someone can get into college, he must first pass the Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT. It is the standardized test used for college admission, particularly in the United States. It is used to measure the student’s level of critical thinking, as well as his knowledge on general information. Specifically, it includes critical reading, writing, and mathematics. So before you can get into the university of your choice, you must at least reach the passing score of the SAT. It is not just an ordinary test like the one you take in school. This standardized test will determine if you can proceed to college or not. In fact, your score will also determine whether you will be provided financial support in college. So to help you be prepared for the big day, here are some helpful SAT study tips.

Tips for the Big Day (SAT)

Tip #1

The ideal time for every student to start preparing for SAT is during the 9th grade. At  this time, you must start enhancing your writing skills, as well as your vocabulary. By learning at least ten new words each day, it will be easier for you to take the test.

Tip #2

Allocate a study time each day. Do not procrastinate. Studying at the last minute will only increase the anxiety. As a result, it will be hard for you to retain the information and remember it during the test. 

Tip #3

Time management is very important. Though you have a lot of paperwork and other projects at school, you still have to devote a little time each day for SAT preparation.

Tip #4

Having a study guide is much helpful. In this way, you will have an idea on how the questions might come out. While practicing, you also have to review the results. By this means, you will identify your strengths, as well as the areas where you still need to improve. Just make sure that the study guide you purchase provides the actual SAT questions.

Tip #5

Eliminating is the key. Do not spend too much time on difficult questions. Instead, eliminate the less correct answer among the given choices. Practice this process as early as possible.

Tip #6

Read a lot. It will enhance your memory, develop your grammar, and build your vocabulary as well. And while reading, practice summarizing the reading material.

Tip #7

Aside from reading, you also have to practice solving mathematical equations. And try to have a time limit every time you practice.

Even if you are confident enough to pass the SAT, you still have to prepare before the big day comes. Spending time to study each day is worth the effort and will surely pay off. And with the above SAT study tips, it will surely be a piece of cake.

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How to Make an Outline for an Essay

An essay is a dialogue. An imaginary dialogue between worlds where there is communication with the writer's body of knowledge that is working, readers and himself, it is then its most important research questions. Developments and surprises that always have reserved an author in a randomized, awaken this infinity we all are part of. Thanks to an essay outline, we can recover dialogically living ideas of human beings through time and space. 

When it comes to writing an essay outline, you should remember important points. Obviously, there are different ways to approach the development of a research paper. A dialogue is established who has devoted a lifetime to a conversation, another is a learner who is in a stage of initiation. In both cases, the spirit that should prevail is the communication of knowledge in an open and participatory exercise is crucial. 

Formula for writing an essay outline

For an essay, we consider we are dealing with the written language of science, so it is necessary to use a coding system according to the rules of communication of scientific discourse. The development of an essay is a task that we face when we inform the community about the partial results of the research we are doing. In this sense, the research questions that guide this work are: what is a scientific research trial? What are its main features? What are the basic elements for its development?. These unresolved issues form the basic structure of this document, which presents a set of guiding criteria. 

You may come across with online samples of essays. Some platforms have specific goals; the main purpose is to present a basic methodological guide that allows the writer to analyze the key points which should contain an essay and the way you can perform a test. Therefore, this basic educational document allows the writer to evaluate the production of his essay’s scientific research, the fundamental rules that dictate the production of knowledge. The importance of these online options is that the interest is linked to the development of researches from the classroom, from training in communication tools of scientific knowledge to the practice of teaching with responsibility for research.  

Defining essay outline

Defining the meaning of the word “essay outline” may be easy; for this reason it is relevant in the first instance to generate paths on the meaning of the word. In this framework of ideas it should be noted that the analysis comprises two main parts: The first time we drive on the diachronic sense of the word and other times where we refer to the meaning of the term synchronic. This methodology gives us an overview for reflection on how we can conceive the word trial from the perspective of historical development. 

Synchronous Word Analysis Test 

Words such as humans are located in their history. Given this starting point should be noted that words cannot be understood in its fullness without reviewing their evolutionary step, the diachrony of words gives us a proper biography of its different uses. Following this line and applying the elements that give us character etymological research, we can say that the word “essay” comes from the verb that means trying to test. Although the term has full use in modern times, its meanings have already been considered among the Greeks and Romans who had used them as a way of expression. 

Do you believe an essay should be deep and profound? Do you struggle to write an essay outline? Are you familiar with an essay structure? 

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Top 10 Excuses to Miss a Class

The top 10 excuses to miss a class will help you come up with the most hilarious excuses. While you do not want to skip classes too often, however, you need to be prepared. The best is at your hands so put into practice the below hints and tips:

  1. Excuses linked to health issues
  2. Excuses linked to family problems
  3. Excuses related to alarm problems
  4. Excuses that refer to car accidents
  5. Excuses linked to a fight
  6. Excuses linked to an unexpected miracle
  7. Excuses related to an imaginary trip
  8. Excuses linked to sleeping disorders
  9. Excuses that refer to a bad teacher
  10. Excuses linked to great grades

As you can see, categories can simply bring the best out of your imagination. The above top 10 excuses related themes can help you get away with your desire. There is no need to opt for traditional excuses. If you browse around, you will be impressed on the many options! This is like if you had a confession to make. You need to focus on details. Remember to:

  • Work on body language. You don’t want anyone to suspect
  • Prepare your excuse speech
  • Give the best of you
  • Visualize it 
  • Believe it
  • Select the proper attire
  • Browse for details and gather data linked to the excuse in question
  • & More

Act as if this was really happening. This is somehow like lying so it is not recommended to repeat it on a daily basis. This could lead to a vicious cycle. You can get things right. A new evolution is taking place so don’t stay behind. Make up an excuse when you really need to. If your parents are cooperative, you don’t need to lie. And if you are trying to come up with an excuse for your teacher, make it as realistic as possible. Don’t forget that teachers were once students, too.

Make it huge

You can make up something huge. The more the better, since it will appear urgent and important, nobody will really believe this can be a lie. However, don’t play with people lives and so on. You never know when you will actually experience an unexpected tragedy. If the time comes, nobody will believe you. Try to find a way to enjoy school and miss as few classes as possible. You can always ask for permission to skip a class by claiming you have never being absent. Tell your parents that your grades are great and that you deserve a day off!

Your actions have consequences. Don’t blame anyone but you for your frustration. Make wise choices and enjoy life as it comes. If you want to stay at home and miss class, try the above excuses in a smart way. You will get away with your decision; just remember you will be the one and only facing a good or a bad outcome.

Have you ever applied one or more of the above excuses? Do you think that missing a class can ruin your entire performance? Share your comments today.

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Distinguishing a Report From an Essay

Do you know how to write comprehensive reports? What about essays? Do you know the difference between the two? Lots of people get confused with these two written works, especially students who are usually asked to write both kinds of papers during their academic years. Some workers and professionals are asked to submit them too. In order for you to write or produce complete, clear, and effective reports and essays, you need to know the mechanics or writing one. What are some important points that you need to take note of?

Reports Versus Essays

Reports are informative written works that may be produced or required of both workers and students. One of the main aims or objectives of reports is to examine, explore, analyze, and then show or present sets of data. They are usually done or accomplished in order to suggest or propose a solution to a particular problem. For example, you may have heard of annual or even quarterly financial reports that are presented by the finance team or department of a certain company. They draft these presentations in order to show the management their observations and recommendations about the latest trend in their group’s finance concerns. 

The writing style used in producing reports should be objective. Data gathered is presented in sections with headings or sometimes even sub-headings as deemed necessary. It is also advisable to place bullet points so as to properly and clearly present plans of actions or solutions. Graphs, charts, and other visual tools are also included as necessary. The audience or readers of reports are usually strictly targeted and specific which means either the supervisor or manager for workers and the teachers or instructors for students.

On the other hand, essays primarily are written works produced in response to a certain question, inquiry, or issue. The questions or topics used as basis for writing essays are usually of the practical or empirical kind. Essays are usually asked in college entrance exams, job applications, and the like. A well-written essay is composed of a clear and well-phrased or properly presented arguments or response to the topic to be discussed. 

Unlike that of reports’, the writing style for essay is more of subjective and free flow in nature. It is composed of short and long paragraphs without sections, headings, or sub-headings. Visual tools are not required. The readers of essays are usually the professor or instructor in the case of student essays or the evaluator or examiner in the case of job applicants. 

Now that you know the difference and main characteristics of reports and essays, you’ll be able to write comprehensive, clear, and substantial works from now on. The trick lies in the way you present, evaluate, and describe data or information that you have gathered. Apply the rules of clear and effective writing because this will greatly help you accomplish your writing task. Are you ready to be put to the report or essay-writing test?

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Explicit Benefits of Custom Writing Services for Students

Do you have to submit an essay, book report, draft, design thesis, dissertation, master's thesis or paper for your class, and do not know where to start? The top custom writing services can help! The best companies are amazing and ready to assist you 24/7! This is magnificent so you can keep up with deadlines and school grades. They support the various stages of writing and research.

If you happen to be lacking of motivation, this is not a problem! Custom writing companies are out there. The internet is even full of samples of papers to help you understand the general structures and formats. Don’t panic! Easy methods abound and you can have it all. Yet, try not to become lazy. Many experts claim this is not really bad, since it can help understand generalities that are a must. 

Benefits of Custom Writing

Benefits are many. If you learn how to take advantage of custom writing services, you may be able to fully improve your overall performance. While browsing, you will come across many online databases. You can even download some essays for free. However, it is always better to ensure top quality. When ordering a paper, you can ask for specifics in order to meet your task requirements. This is wonderful, right?


Whether thesis in any area of knowledge, top companies provide the keys to developing and elaborating a hypothesis, put forward a research problem, select and operationalize variables, define the approach and methodological aspects. In short, the best writing companies provide tools, tips and the choice of appropriate criteria to write their thesis and/or research project. Contact top specialists and start solving your problem! 


When planning and writing a thesis, dissertation or a doctoral degree you may come across some issues. Many studies are constantly facing difficulties. Defining the research problem, the methodology, the theoretical framework and the literature is important! It can be hard and problematic if there is no proper guidance. No matter if you need to deliver a term paper, a thesis of administration, law, education, marketing, and other fields and disciplines, custom writing services can help. You require some originality and feasibility studies to be conducted. To write, you can find guidance; top companies can help develop a research protocol, draft of thesis or dissertation, which includes:

  • Objectives (General and Specific)
  • Hypothesis
  • Justification of the subject
  • Planning the research problem
  • Originality and feasibility
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Determination of the sample and the evidence base
  • Research method
  • Bibliography
  • Schedule of activities

You might want to start looking in advance. The best part is, experts can modify the project as much as you want. Yet, in order to avoid issues, order from a reputable company. Search for professionals who care about quality.  

Do you need guidance to write your next paper? Have you ever considered custom writing services? Do you feel custom writing services are worth a try? Share your thoughts!

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